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Jorn by Kevin Nixon

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Described as one of the greatest rock singers of our time, the Norse God of metal, the leader of the renaissance of classic hard rock at its highest level, Jorn has made his mark in rock history as a true legend.
His vocal capability is world-class, distinctive, rich and spanning a large range. Jorn has been busy throughout the years with over 50 releases to his name, making himself noted worldwide, not just for his vocal abilities, but also as an outstanding songwriter and lyricist. Jorn's complete catalogue is too long to list in brief press statements and his innovative and creative skills have led to millions of albums sold worldwide, working with some of the best musicians out there, and being a frequent entry on sales charts around the world. His band JORN has a total of 21 releases since the band was established in 2000, the latest album "Over The Horizon Radar", released 2022, was recognised all around the world, proving there are no signs of JORN slowing down this rock crusade yet. JORN’s lineup has varied over the last 25 years, and Jorn is known for working with great musicians, all bringing their own uniqueness to the live shows and the albums. Jorn is bringing his rock vocals against a wall of powerful hard rock’n roll musicians; guitarists Tore Moren and Adrian SB, bass player Øyvind Stroenen, drummer Francesco Jovino and Alessandro Del Vecchio on keys. Together they will hit you like a freight train of rock, leaving you wanting more.
Besides his main band JORN, Jorn has also fronted and participated in various different bands and projects throughout the years, such as touring the world frequently since 2008 with the concept metal opera Avantasia. You will even find Jorn in the online gaming industry, featuring as Karthus in League Of Legend's virtual metal band Pentakill. The JORN band steadily holds the torch of classic hard rock at its core! Driven by the love of music and fuelled by the interaction with those who love rock!